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This book is a clarion call

to every person in the United States who:

works in a health care setting,

creates public policy,

runs a state or local government,

runs a nursing home,

or has a loved one in a hospital, nursing home or in transitional care. 

Caregivers in group healing residences must balance compassion against policies and laws that penalize them. This book offers a solution to the problem!


Connie Mariano, M.D., White House Doctor

(1992 – 2001) author, The White House Doctor: My Patients were Presidents, a Memoir

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About this book

Our elderly loved ones deserve to live out their final days with dignity and respect, not to be left alone to die in a broken system. But even before the COVID-19 pandemic, infectious diseases ran rampant in US nursing homes. Between one and three million infections resulted in 380,000 deaths among nursing home residents each year. That’s over 1,000 people per day. All because the nursing home industry has been struggling with Infection Prevention and Control practices (IPC) for decades.

In BROKEN, Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci fights for an industry in dire need of a massive policy overhaul. Travel with her to over 200 nursing homes across the country as the pandemic brought these deadly problems into stark relief. Through interviews with patients, healthcare workers, advocate groups, and regulatory agencies, discover the critical flaws in a system that was set up to fail—and one doctor’s bold vision for change.

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"My intention in writing this book is to demonstrate solutions that WORK in a system that is broken; with facilities being penalized instead of nurtured. Whether I testify before Congress about what I've seen in more than 700 nursing homes, or work directly with government officials to tackle the biggest problems, work vigorously with native american and other underserved communities, or travel the globe with Doctor's Without Borders to combat infection in the most vulnerable corners of the earth, I simply cannot stand by when I can be an agent of change" -- Dr. Lloyd-Krejci


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Infection control expertise is necessary for care facility managers and staff. Supporting the staff—not punishing them at every turn—reinforces best practices.

~ Mini Pandit, M.D., MBA, Radiologist 

Facility administrators, staff, and patient advocates can use this book as a guide for creating positive changes in long term care facilities.                        

~ Katherine (Kate) Ellington, Ph.D., Epidemiologist, University of Arizona’s College of Public Health 

Compassion for the elderly is my mission. I support with all my heart this message of care Dr. Buffy wrote for all of us.

Patricia Person, Event Coordinator at Morning Star Assisted Living, and Ms. Senior Arizona, 2021 

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